Women Called “Fat Girls” In Latest Insulting Receipt Incident

Another incident in the recent trend of receipts containg insulting messages has occured in Stockon, California. As reported by online roulette site Roulette For Fun, Christine Duran, Christina Huerta and Isabel Robles were paying for their meal at Chilly D’s Sports Lounge inside the local Cameo Club Casino, when one of them noticed the phrase “Fat Girls” on the check. In disbelief, the women demanded an explanation from the casino’s restaurant’s manager, who made matters worse by demanding that they still pay their bill, with a partial discount. They refused and left the building. After hearing about the incident, Chilly D’s management and the owner of the Cameo Club Casino apologized to the women via Facebook. Jimmy Siemers, co-owner of Chilly D’s, has also pledged to address the women’s concerns.


This rude-receipt is only the latest in a string of incidents of the same type. In January of last year, a customer at a New York City Papa John’s Pizza received a receipt calling her “Lady Chinky Eyes.” The woman posted an image of the receipt to social media and quickly received an apology from the company. In March, a Baltimore woman’s receipt from an area Radio Shack contained the phrase “Ugly Itch” and other insults. In this case, too, the company quickly offered an apology to the woman via phone. It remains unclear what action, if any, Radio Shack management took against the offending employee.

Technology blog Gizmodo has posted a gallery of recent offensive receipts. Whether incidents with insulting receipts are on the rise or simply better publicized through social media is unknown.