Snooki Expects Baby Number Two

nicole-'snooki'-polizzi-snooki-tanning-launch_3523842Popular MTV Jersey Shore star Snooki is expecting her second baby. Snooki made the news public after months of speculation that was pregnant. Snooki is currently raising her son, Lorenzo, with her fiancé Jionni. They are both very excited to add a member to their family.

Busy year

Snooki is set to give birth somewhere in the autumn months. This means that her new baby will be born at around the same time as her wedding. This means it is a very busy time for superstar Snooki. She is used to having everything done for her, and now she has to plan a wedding, take care of her 19 month old baby and prepare for a new baby, all that the same time!

The Wedding

For Snooki and fiancé Jionni, the wedding could not come sooner. In an interview with MTV she had this to say: “our wedding will take place anyway and that we are totally crazy about each other. We have waited long enough and now I cannot wait.” Snooki is gearing up for her wedding and has also lost 20 kilos since she gave birth to Lorenzo.