Skylanders Giants Is On The Top Of Santa’s List

Skylanders is a hugely popular game among children and tweens. Skylanders Giants is a follow up to the original game and was released in late October of 2012. The plot of the second game is that the Skylanders Giants are actually ancient Skylanders that were separated from the general population many years ago. Just like the original game, gamers use a portal to place their Skylanders figurines on. Here there figurines battle and solve puzzles in the game. When the gamer removes the figurine from the portal all the data is saved onto the figurine. Just like the name of the game suggests, Skylanders Giants has over forty new figurines that are twice the size of the original Skylanders. Gamers can still use figurines from the original game with the new game.

Other improvements have been noted in the new Skylanders game. Now each character has its’ own voice actor, giving the game a more personal feel. Players can also try to earn
achievement awards and trophies. A great feature for children, when they bring their figurine to a friend’s house to play their trophies will be announced as they place their figurine on the portal.

The game is sold for an average of $74 and includes three new Giant Skylanders figurines.