Shia LaBeouf asks people to ‘touch his soul’ in his latest call center performance in Liverpool

In his latest performance artwork the world famous Shia LaBeouf – you know, the know from the JUST DO IT! video – asks people to call him and ‘touch his soul’ while sitting in a call center like office environment in the Liverpool Art Gallery. 


Two weeks ago LaBeouf set up his very own call center in the middle of the Liverpool Art Gallery where he sat at his desk between 11:00 and 18:00 GMT for four whole days.

Fans could either call the actor or visit his Touch My Soul website and try to…well..touch his soul.


After his success in movies like Transformers and Indiana Jones he began doing all kinds of art performances on stage that show people the difference between privacy of a celebrity and ‘normal’ people’s privacy.

A prime example of this would be him wearing a paper bag on his head with the words ‘I Am Not Famous Anymore’ written on them during the Berlin Film Festival.

His latest call center performance resulted in some hilarious, beautiful and sometimes awkward entrees such as:

  • “You ain’t Shia”
  • “I’ve been struggling with depression and social anxiety, but waking up to performance art and it makes it easier”
  • “Can you send me your shoes and I’ll touch your sole”