“Selfies at Funerals” Hype takes off as People Shake their Head in Disbelief

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, think again! The latest Internet trend will blow your minds. Social media users, especially those on Tumblr, have taken to posting pictures of themselves at funeral.

Selfies, or photos taken of one’s self, are nothing new to Tumblr. In fact, the term “selfie” (or “selfy) has been in use on social media sites since 2005. As they usually take place in the bathroom mirror, the move to such a public venue is one that some might see as awkward, but strange enough people are participating that several Tumblr pages have come into existence. Users can now submit their funeral selfies to the¬†Selfies at Funerals¬†tumblr.

For people who are concerned about etiquette, rest assured that many of these photos are taken indoors and in private spaces. It might be more appropriate to call the trend “Selfies of fancy funeral attire.” Of course, that’s not nearly as catchy — or offensive.

Some of the photos are down-right crass, however, like one with a young man making a “Peace” sign with his photo in front of a statue featuring a woman and her suckling infant. Some Tumblr users seem well aware of their faux-pas, too, and their captions suggest as much. In a touching way, others send their final messages to loved ones who are no longer with them, so not all is lost with this startling trend.


Nevertheless, people like etiquette expert Lizzie Post say that selfies at funerals aren’t appropriate regardless of the setting. However, having a little fun at a funeral, which can be a stuffy even, is one way that young people cope with the loss of an aunt, parent or grandparent. Most likely these Tumblr users, most who appear to be 23 or younger, will outgrow the trend before their own funerals.