Schwarzenegger Wants to Save Marriage

Rumors say that the Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has begged his wife, Maria Shriver, to fight for their marriage.

After news came out that Arnie was the father of a 13 year old son of the former housekeeper of the family, the couple split up. They had been together for 25 years. The Austrian-American actor/politician is not willing to give up so easily though and would really like to get another chance to prove he will be a better man. Schwarzenegger and Shriver have four children together, 2 girls and 2 boys aged 21 to 13.

Ian Halperin, writer of an unauthorized biography for Schwarzenegger, said that Arnold has been crying and knows that he was wrong. He has tried to contact Maria multiple times asking for another chance.

So far, however, it seems Maria is not willing to give him another chance. She has been seen having lunch with U2’s Bono for advice. Maria and Bono have a long friendship and Bono is just helping Maria deal with all things that have happened. It’s a huge shock to Maria that Arnold has been cheating on her for such a long time and she needs someone to talk about it.