Scandal For Duke’s Female Lacrosse Team

It seems that coaches may want to rethink their Halloween costume parties. At Duke University a controversy is brewing over a female lacrosse player’s choice of costume. The female lacrosse coach held a Halloween party in her home for the lacrosse players. A group of juniors choose to dress up as the cast of “Little Rascals”, complete with one player sporting a blackface to portray the character Buckwheat.

It was the hit of the party and a picture landed on Duke’s athletic website, it was later taken down. The coach has since issued an apology for offending those in the African American community and Duke has not answered if anyone involved will be punished. No word also on if the lacrosse program will be affected by this.

The controversy is still raging on as students are split about feeling if the costume was offensive or not. Yet many wonder why the coach, an adult, did not think of the possible repercussions that could take place over an insensitive costume.