NASCAR Turns Into A Boxing Match

Jeff Gordon avoided possible suspension by NASCAR which would of thrown him out of the finals. Instead NASCAR decided to fine him $100, 000 and twenty five points for his intentional crash with fellow driver Cliff Bowyer. The crash also resulted in a pit crew brawl in one of the garages that police and security had to break up.

Gordon seemed to have ill blood with his fellow driver Bowyer all season long. Bowyer has clipped Gordon before and has caused one crash this season. During the race in Phoenix, Bowyer had hit Gordon’s car once again. This seemed to be the last straw with Gordon. With a few laps to go, Gordon slowed his car down to intentionally crash into Bowyer’s car. This prompted the fight between the two drivers’ pit crews.

Gordon has apologized to the public for his actions and is relieved that he will be able to continue to race. He has stated that he fully stands behind NASCAR’s decision.