Meet and Greet The Unknown Indonesian Elite

If there’s a time to enjoy all that Indonesia has to offer, it’s during the Badminton World Federation’s DJARUM Indonesia Open. Some of the sport’s best compete for major money in Indonesia’s largest city and thanks to, you’ll have the opportunity to expand your experience by mixing among locals for a memorable combination of sport and culture.


Withlocals works to ensure the best possible opportunity to immerse yourself in foreign culture among a country’s own people in east Asian countries with a 100 percent guarantee of satisfaction.

While enjoying the tournament, why not take the time to enjoy a meal prepared by Indonesian hosts rather than pricey eatery chefs across the city? Tourist after tourist sees Taman Mini Indonesia Indah and the Ragunan Zoo or shop in the Orchid Garden Mall, but a native Jakartan can give you a proper tour to see what jewels the city has to offer that isn’t in a glossy pamphlet handed out at your hotel.

Why sit around trying to find something good to watch on television when you can enrich your experience among the city’s own citizenry by taking in one of the workshops led by someone who has lived and breathed the society you’ll be a part of for only a brief time? There are truly unique memories waiting for you in Jakarta as is. Thanks to Withlocals, your good times will be enhanced by those who call Indonesia home.

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