Facebook to Get New Simpsons Game

A new game based on The Simpsons is in the making. The chaotic family consisting of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and of course Maggie will get their own game at the Facebook network. The game will be published by Electronic Arts.

The Simpsons game is expected to appear on Facebook somewhere around September. At this point in time, little is known about the game, aside from it having a Simpsons theme.

It’s not the first time the popular and long running cartoon is featured in videogames. The game has appeared in videogames quite often and Electronic Arts itself has published several Simpsons games in the past, such as The Simpsons Hit & Run,The Simpsons Game and  The Simpsons: Minutes to Meltdown. These games have all appeared on either consoles or mobile phones. Playfish, owned by Electronic Arts, is expected to develop the game as they are devoted to developing social games for Facebook and have developed several such games in the past.

It’s still a long wait till September, but at least all Simpson fans have something to look out for. We will keep you posted and post all news about the game as soon as we hear it.