Different Brain Training Games

braingameWe have always known how important our brain is. Our brain is the one thing that sets us apart from other creatures on earth. It allows us to function the way we do and it allows us to think openly about everything that goes around us. As we grow older though, our brain function tends to slow down and we can not do things nearly as well as we used to. The way we think also changes and before we know it, our brains are only good for understanding what going on the television shows we end up watching when we are older. That is why training your brain is such an important thing to do. The earlier you start the better. You can easily do so with brain training games like Brain Age, Brain HQ, and Lumosity. These games can help you increase your ability to perform well on aptitude tests. It is very good practice.

Brain Age allows you to enhance your brain capabilities in a matter of minutes-if you do it every day. This game includes thousands of ever changing challenging puzzles and also gives you a “Brain Age”. The lower your brain age is, the smarter your brain actually is. The best age you can get is a 20, indicating that your brain is as fast as a twenty year old. This game is played on the Nintendo D.S and updated games are released annually.

Brain HQ involves similar features as Brain Age, but Brain HQ is solely played on the computer. Mind boggling puzzles help you fine tune your brain. A helpful guide helps you on your journey to a better brain.

Lumosity is also played on the computer but it focuses on your memory and attention span. Like the other games, it tracks your daily progress and also has an initial test. The best part of this game is the digitalized user interface which is very friendly for people who aren’t the best at using computers.