Cristiano Ronaldo’s knee injury caused by….a witch doctor?

So yeah we’ve also had a tough time grasping this one, but according to the latest rumors, Cristiano Ronaldo’s injuries during this World Cup were actually caused by an ‘evil witch doctor’ from none other than one of Portugal’s World Cup opponents Ghana.


Earlier this year, Nana Kwaku Bonsam predicted that the world’s best football player wouldn’t be able to participate in this year’s World Cup in Brasil due to some ‘mysterious injuries‘. This news was off course met with a ‘tiny’ bit skepticism, but after the Portuguese FA announced that Ronaldo actually did suffer from two separate knee injuries, Bonsam’s prediction caught some attention.

Kwaku-BronsamNana Kwaku Bonsam – which roughly translates into ‘Demon of Wednesday – claims to have called upon the help of evil spirits from the spirit world to help Ghana prevail in the final match up against Portugal in Group G. The evil spirit was commanded to target none other than the ace of Portugal – Cristiano Ronaldo – and prevent him from playing against Ghana.


Well now we’ve really seen it all…witch doctors who preform some dark magic in order for their country to prevail in the World Cup ;-)