Could gambling help prevent stress? – a different perspective on the discussion

We’ve already discussed the notion that gambling may actually be good for your health. Studies on brain ¬†functioning have shown that the games many gamblers play may have positive effects on the mind. Card games often require quick thinking and decision making while more competitive games like poker often require great strategical thinking capabilities.

However, there seems to be even more evidence that supports a more positive look on the concept of gambling. The healthcare industry often looks at gambling from a negative perspective, but research has shown that when enjoyed for recreational reasons gambling can actually be good for you. That is, provided that one is immune to rather obvious and well known ‘ludomania‘ dangers of course.


No Stress

Most of us know that relaxation and recreational activities go hand-in-hand. Some people play sports while others practice the finer arts such as painting or drawing. Relaxation through recreational activities can help to combat stress and maintain a mental well being. A balanced lifestyle can often be considered a healthy lifestyle, and if games like blackjack, poker or roulette are chosen as a form of recreation they may very well be fulfilling the same role as other activities like playing chess or reading a book.

Many people who regularly play casino games state that the games help them to escape their everyday worries and focus on something totally different than work or other daily obligations.

Stress itself is not good and for some people casino games an serve as a harmless way to battle their everyday stress.