Cannabis Culture, American Culture

No collection of celebrity tokers would be complete without America’s founding fathers. A few familiars will include Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Monroe, Tyler, Taylor, Pierce, Lincoln… and so on. Madison once commented that the occasional communion with his pipe gave him inspiration and insight to create a better democracy. George Washington went so far as to pass legislation which made NOT growing hemp a punishable offense. Everyone knows that Clinton never inhaled. President Obama bluntly stated that the whole point was to inhale, and he admits to having done so (frequently).

jobs-gatesNot even communists like to think about an American president succumbing to the violent psychosis of a marijuana drug-trip, so let’s move right along. There is another group of well-respected drug enthusiasts who tends to pass unnoticed. Scientists, inventors and all manners of genius throughout history have had profound experiences from a variety of drugs. Many have enjoyed the occasional toke, but it seems the drug of choice among these prolific thinkers is LSD. Pay attention guys, these acid freaks might be onto something. Bill Gates tried it, but Steve Jobs praised it. Physicist Richard Feynman, mathematician Ralph Abraham, Nobel chemist Kary Mullis, neuroscientist John Lily, and microbiologist Francis Crick reported feeling enlightened creativity and enhanced problem-solving abilities under the influence of LSD. These guys are the cream of the crop, and they say that LSD helped them towards many groundbreaking discoveries. Just give it some thought. Never say no to new experiences!

Pop Culture Celebrities

When a pop-culture celebrity gets “caught” smoking weed, I seriously wonder who gets surprised. With the appearance of each new Disney starlet, I start counting the days until the “marijuana allegations” are released. Maybe if kids these days stopped rolling such sloppy joints, the paparazzi might mistake it for a cigarette! Having your drug use exposed is almost like a rite of passage for young artists. There is really no reason for discretion anymore. Everyone knows. Who cares? Since the dawn of stoniness, weed has crossed its roots with the arts. Just to give you a picture, check out this helpful list! Just in case anyone was left out, here is another famous bunch of stoners.

cannabis-prisonThink about what would happen if these cultural icons were actually prosecuted for their crimes. Let’s be real, these guys are doing a lot more than pot. What if drug use for celebs brought jail-time and devastating career-loss like us regular folks? This man is serving a life sentence for possession of marijuana. Another guy was sentenced to 35 years for a miniscule amount of stash. The world would be a dull place without movies, television, computers, art, and every decent song ever composed. Luckily, celebrities are afforded this rare luxury. They can do anything they want without serious legal consequences. The most drastic long-term effect of a high-profile “drug debacle” is the token jump in record sales. Most punishments are served through a tongue-in-cheek apology from the glassy-eyed starling.

Double Standards

Although the double-standard remains, a huge number of influential people are actively working towards legalization. Even some people you would never expect have come out in support of legalization (Rick Perry…really?! Right on!). Cannabis activism is moving away from the Cheech and Chong image to embrace an every-day vanilla sort of vibe. Once everyone can accept that a lot of people like to get a little high, we can change the face of marijuana use. The average cannabis-enthusiast is beginning to look much more average and not just limited to smoking the goods, but also to growing their own plants.