Black Ops 2, What’s In It For Me?

Many have been highly anticipating the long awaited release of Black Ops 2 which hit the shelves on November 13, 2012. The original Black Ops was released in 2003 and has a large cult-like following with fans spanning across the globe. Conventions, chat rooms, web-sites and books have been devoted to this game. What should we expect from the second game and has it evolved to a more exciting, challenging game?

Black Ops 2 still offers the same three basic choices of game setup; campaign, multi-player and zombies. In the campaign mode gamers will be transported to the future in the year 2025 (the original game is set in time after the Cold War). Here, in the future, players must contend robotic warfare with new weapons and equipment. There is also a new feature called the Strike Force in which players must order jets and robots to attack targets. The multi-player mode is by far the most popular mode among Black Ops players. The second edition of multi-player has
been widely well received by critics. Here players can play on-line with new features such
as customization and prestige ranking. Critics have noted that there is better clarity and communication. Zombies have also upgraded with an explorable world and players can up the amount of team members.

The game is sold for an average of $59 at most large retailers.