Apple is about to rival Spotify with their brand new Apple Music App

Apple has just announced a brand new app for iOS and Android that is set to rival popular streaming services such as Spotify and Jay-Z’s Tidal.

Personalized music recommendations

The so called Apple Music application(s) will allow users to stream their favorite songs, music video’s and even internet radio stations.

Services like Spotify and Tidal are known for only streaming audio, so the addition of music video streaming and internet radio makes it a bit different than its competitors.

Furthermore Apple Music has stated that its applications will give users suggestions based on a mix of human curated songs and computer algorithms analyzing your personal listening history.


Spotify has now nearly 60 million active daily users (15 million paid subscribers) which makes Apple’s entry in the music streaming industry seem a bit late. This is partly due to the fact that the late Steve Jobs didn’t really believe that music subscription services could work.

Unlike Spotify, Apple Music will only offer paid subscriptions starting from $10.- a month for single use and $15,- for families. The new music streaming service is said to launch later this year, starting with iOS and Windows applications. There will eventually be and Android release as well.